MEB General Contractors’ vision is for all employees to collaborate and maintain a proficient safety culture and become a leading example within the construction industry.

To achieve this vision, MEB’s mission is to promote and maintain throughout the entire organization the firm and fully accepted concept that people are our most important corporate assets and the protection thereof is management’s highest priority, support and participation. This philosophy is oriented toward affirmative control and minimization of risk, to the greatest extent possible. We understand we have a responsibility to make the safety of employees a major part of our concern, but we count on employee engagement to contribute towards making our program effective.

We believe that desired construction services can be achieved through pre-planning, communication and building safety into each activity. Individual safety can be achieved by following job site safety rules and regulations and making sure safety is thoroughly considered before beginning assigned tasks.

The success of the company depends not only on production and quality, but also how safely each job is performed. There is no job so important, nor any service so urgent, that we cannot take time to work safely.

At MEB, we are continuously enhancing our "Safety Culture" that drives all our employees. Our culture starts with MEB Corporate Officers, Project Managers and line supervision, and with regular coaching, is infused all the way down to our field personnel. We have a full-time Safety Department that is responsible for the safety and health of MEB employees, subcontractors, suppliers and the community around our jobsites, but this responsibility is also equally carried by all corporate officers, management and line supervision as well. It is our main priority to ensure that all team members and personnel involved with our projects go home safe and healthy to their families.

At MEB, we continue to Manage, Educate and Build upon SAFETY, to ensure that we do all that we can do to provide a safe working environment. We have been recognized on numerous occasions for our commitment to safety and we strive daily to improve and strengthen upon this commitment.